Untitled (02)
blown glass, liquid
Franco de Toledo Art Projects
16 x 70 x 2 cm


franco de toledo art projects, pendulum

Untitled (01)
blown glass
140 x 150 x 20 cm


The video sculpture consists of a chunk of wax with an integrated screen. The video shows three metal spheres and how they reflect the light, creating a pattern of shadows in response to a performance that the artists did base on certain indigenous rituals. The wax structure is understood as an evolving surface. The idea of negotiation is present throughout the piece.

pendulumwax01 pendulumwax02


Solo show: Pendulum, Franco de Toledo art projects, Barcelona

Press release;
The exhibition explore themes of nomadism, frontiers and mutability by way of collage, performance and video-installations. Mariscal engages with these themes through experimentation with these materials based on the superimposition of diverse textures and surfaces, creating a new lexicon of symbolisms. In Mariscal’s practice the references to folding and reflection are abundant. The figure of the fold, which the artist applies as much to textile surfaces (Fuga, Oscillations), as to work in paper or glass (Untitled, Leche), is used as a device to study the tension between the body and the material and the idea of constant “becoming” of these elements.

by Lorena Muñoz-Alonso

Photographs by Aina de Gispert

Pieces on show: Pendulum