La gran màquina

6 to 24 June 2014

Group show at Museum Trepat, Tárrega.

The show will take place inside the old textil factory of the Trepat Museum. The peculiar space will be use as a backdrop to do a site specific version of the performance Oscillations. Performance on the 6th and 7th of June.

Artist residency Nau Estruch Sabadell from April to July 2021 . Curated by Oscar Abril

Artist residency Nau Estruch

Sabadell from April to July 2021


Curated by Oscar Abril

Music For Chameleons

2-10pm Sunday 6 July 2014

Group show, Summer Salon, London.

We are drinking iced mint tea sligthly flavoured with absinthe.

Three chameleons race one another across the terrace, one pauses at Madame’s feet, flicking its forked tongue, and she comments: “Chameleons. Such acceptional creatures. The way they change colour. Red. Yellow. Lime. Pink. Lavender. And did you know they are very fond of music?

Don’t you belive me?

She begins to perform a Mozart sonata.

Eventually the chameleons accumulated; a dozen, a dozen more, most of them green, some scarlet, some lavender. They skittered across the terrace and scampered into the salon, a sensitive, absorbed silence for the music played. and then not played, for suddenly she stood and stamped her foot, and the chameleons scattered like sparks from an exploding star.


Breathing inside the fold. This exhibition is part of the program Natura Viva: Musa i mimesis, curated by Carolina Grau. Organized by Xarxa Transversal . Centre Cultural El Casino. 22/10 – 13 /11 PV 22 Oct 2022Performance 5 Nov 2022

Breathing inside the fold. This exhibition is part of the program Natura Viva: Musa i mimesis, curated by Carolina Grau. Organized by Xarxa Transversal


Centre Cultural El Casino. 22/10 – 13 /11

PV 22 Oct 2022
Performance 5 Nov 2022

Summa Madrid

18-21 September 2014

Matadero, Madrid

I’ll be showing recent work at the Area 72 gallery’ stand (unit 16).

Mute things

24 Sept – 24 Nov, 2014

Area 72 gallery, Valencia.

A two person exhibition by Julia Mariscal and Ángel Masip.

Las Pointes

18 Nov – 24 Nov, 2014

At Passatge Studio -a project space in Barcelona.

Curated by Cristina Ramos.

Group exhibition along with Michael Lawton, Vera Mora and Pep Vidal.


La condició narrativa

18 December 2012 to 27 January 2013

Curated by Alexandra Laudo
La Capella, Barcelona

La condició narrativa sets out to pose a reflection on the construction mechanisms, distribution and consumption of narrations on the basis of the interaction between text (both oral and written) and image. The project is structured into an exhibition and a series of parallel actions in which eight contemporary creators take part.

Els Agricultors, recol·lectar i/o manipular

27 Nov, 2014 – 11 Jan, 2015

Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona

Curated by Sema D’acosta.

Artists: Alberto Salván, Miguel Ángel Fúnez, Andrea Cánepa, David Mayo, Gerard Cuartero, Sara Tur, Cristina Garrido, Andrés Galeano, Ángela Cuadra, Marc Larré, Julia Mariscal and Ian Waelder

El estado mental radio

From 22 November 2012

El estado mental radio, is a colaborative artistic action that takes form as a sound magazine which is distributed through an online radio. Playing a special version of the performance Oscillations, in colaboration with the musician Simon Williams.

Page Specific

11 Dec – 16 Dec, 2015

Galería Combustión Espontánea, Madrid

Organized by Input magazine.

The Objectifiers at the Salt Factory

17 August to 20 August 2012

Rita Evans and Julia Mariscal Project in Mallorca

We have recently been on site at a Salt Factory in South Mallorca to develop a new work on the history and ecology of salt production. This will be presented as a live piece and a library of ‘Salt’ which will be presented in an exhibition space in London later this year.

The common ground

24th – 26th Feb, 2015

Private house, Madrid

Art and the inhabited space 
by Paul Smith-Schmidt

Breaking down the boundaries between public and private sphere, the Common Ground turns the interior of a home into a site for public scrutiny. Here art is merged within the everyday domestic space as a means to push the visitors to engage both physically and psychologically with the unfamiliar location they are confronted by, and to raise a possible questioning in regards to the context in which art is viewed nowadays. Throughout the visit, the public will have access to each room of the house, which will consequently differ from one another in relation to ambiance and space, hence becoming a location in which art is lived rather than simply viewed.


28 February to 26 April 2013

Franco de Toledo art projects, Barcelona.

A multidisciplinary exhibition which proposes different reflections about the body, in the context of the consumer society in which we live.
The works proposed by the artists explore the identity of human beings, starting from the exterior of the body to reveal internal questions, with the aim of giving meaning to apparently superficial preoccupations, which, depending on the culture, give very disparate readings and hierarchies, as for example: ideas of gender, socio-cultural and economic ideas.

Julia Mariscal, ‘Forat al terra’

13 June – 6 July 2015

The Laboratory – Miquel Alzueta
Gallery, Barcelona

The Tenth Stretch

6 to 27 Arpil 2013

Curated by Lorena Muñoz-Alonso
Jugada a 3 bandas, La New Gallery, Madrid

A few months ago we witnessed an end of the world that never happened. Or did it? Perhaps this so-called end is merely the progressive substitution of certain socio-economic models and the politics that sustain them. Taking as a starting point this metaphorical collapse, this heterogenous group of seven artists explore the subjects of apocalypse and rebirth through works in different media (installation, video, painting, drawing and collage) which address the idea of the end as the beginning of a new era. The evocative artworks gathered here examine a sense of chaos and fear which unfolds into renovation, understanding the uncertainties of the future ahead as something positive.

The Angle of a Curtain

25 May – 9 June 2016

Part of the Loop Festival 2016
at The Laboratory – Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona


30 May to 11 July 2013
Performance: 8:30PM

Solo show. Franco de Toledo art projects, Barcelona

The exhibition explore themes of nomadism, frontiers and mutability by way of collage, performance and video-installations. Mariscal engages with these themes through experimentation with these materials based on the superimposition of diverse textures and surfaces, creating a new lexicon of symbolisms. In Mariscal’s practice the references to folding and reflection are abundant. The figure of the fold, which the artist applies as much to textile surfaces (Fuga, Oscillations), as to work in paper or glass (Untitled, Leche), is used as a device to study the tension between the body and the material and the idea of constant “becoming” of these elements. 

Sólids en un líquid

29 September – 2 October 2016

Duo show with Bruno Ollé
Part of the The Gallery Weekend,
at The Laboratory – Miquel Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona


No moon

1 Aug to 12 Sept 2013

Solo show at Demolden Video Project, Santander.

This small show comes right after the show I had in Barcelona. Bringing together two formally very different pieces of video to grasp an intimate relationship between them. This event will run parallel to the Video Art Fair in Santander.


29 September 2018

Performance at Swab art fair

VI Biennal de Jafre

10 and 11 Aug 2013

Curated by Carolina Grau and Mario Flecha

This year the theme is ‘Scatter the Manure’ a rural expression that can evoke the smell from the excrement that are thrown on the land in order to fertilize them. Using it as a metaphor for the current situation, link to the European economy defiant, the disbelieve on the politics, the destruction of the social benefit, leaves the citizens on a uncertainty. The option that remains is to transform the dryness land into productive spaces.


04 April 2019

Performance at Centre del Carme, Valencia

Curated by Diana Guijarro



Urbanea, Palma de Mallorca

11 Oct to 30 Nov 2013

Group show at Torre de ses puntes, Mallorca.

Showing the collaborative project with the artist Rita Evans: Salt Factory Colour Clock – The Objectifiers. A video and drawing installation made on site at a local Salt Factory. 

25 & 26th January 2020


Performance at Teatre Lliure, Barcelona

Part of the cicle Katharsis

WOOL – Trans Fashion Lab

31 Jan to 28 Feb 2014

Group show at Franco de Toledo art projects

A sneak preview of a new series of large drawings. I’ll be showing along with other artists and designers that work around the material: wool.

17 July to 10 August 2020

Cosas extrañas que suceden de vez en cuando.

Group show at 147 gallery, Oviedo


Curated by Cristina Ramos

Artists: Sophie Anson, Luisa Mota, Mariana Heredia, Vera Mota, Julia Mariscal


A handle. A bronze handle. A bronze handle that doesn’t turn properly and a hand that spins it. A wrist movement. 
A simple action highlights the physical qualities of the materials in a door. 
Strange things that happen from time to time arise from an entropic oscillation, from an encounter with uncertainty, a half-hearted conversation. 
Emerging from a dream and seeing with both eyes, with the simultaneous awareness of being and having been. 
Tender footprints in the snow of an animal that you have not seen and that are imprinted in a water that is in continuous transformation.
Presente Indicativo, Sant Andreu Contemporani

30 May to 9 June 2014

Group show, Fabra&Coats, Barcelona.

Short listed exhibition for the Sant Andreu Contemporany award.

1 Oct 2020 to 9 January 2021

Ensayo antes de la actuación


Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras, Alicante


Curated by Diana Guijarro
Artists: Rosana Antolí, Eduardo Infante, Zilvinas Landzbergas, Julia Mariscal, Rodríguez-Méndez, Gonzalo Puch