Breathing inside the fold

The performative exhibition Respirar en el plec (Breathing In The Fold) of Julia Mariscal has been inspired by gravity and lightness, a polarity of two opposing forces that are present in the plant world. Observing it one realises that it tends to rise to heaven or sink into the earth to have a balance between energies – between the axis and the universe. The artist presents the plasticity of the landscape rooted in the forest. The exhibition combines research materials, drawings, sculptures and photographs in glass around a sculptural axis, creating a stage for a single performance. Mariscal plays with the importance of the materials used as symbols such as water, milk, wax, petroleum jelly, ashes and burned logs. Playing on the unstable and ductile character of these elements, transforming during the performance.

The performance was a collaboration with the dancer Barbara Meneses altering and maintaining a balance between the body and the plant world. The performance was accompanied by the sound work made with the collaboration of Simon Williams, where the erosion of the forest resonates in the space.

Curated by Carolina Grau