Horizontal Pleat

An installation, which combines moving image, sound, narration, text and objects. Through the illusion and the fragmentation of the information, Mariscal presents a work that lie on the pleasure of decoding. Horizontal Pleat provides a multiplicity of perspectives on the same story, moving between the codes of games -one of the most prehistoric ways of communication – and story telling –a way to help us through our daily lives.

Mixing illusionistic elements and narratives with psychological anxieties not unsual in an artist’s early career, this installation presents a multilayered story presented through different media, departing from a recorded personal conversation between the artist and Carlos Pastor. This fragmented conversation takes place while the speaker drives through the Montgó Mountain. Carlos believes that every man belongs to a mountain. The Montgó is his mountain.

“-Now tell me Julia, which one is your mountain?”

The super 8 video playing in a loop is Julia’s answer. But the ‘mountain’ on the video does not exist.

The installation dismounts and adds elements that were mentioned or associated with the setting where the conversation took place, to create subjective relations with no defined centre or direction. Mariscal decides to make use of the language of specific objects to remind of a magician, a movable theatre, foldable structures to create an unsettle display to evoke the idea of the beginning of a process.

Oblong gallery, julia mariscal

Oblong gallery, julia mariscal



Mixed media
Dimensions variable

Installation view at Oblong
Gallery, London

Special thanks to Carlos Pastor
and Melina Michael