The collages continue an exploration on textures and folds of the materials. Disconcerting juxtapositions between body and material, between the organic and the inorganic. Raising an interest on the new feminine forms that take on certain science fiction characters.

julia mariscal, lorena muñoz-alonso

julia mariscal, lorena muñoz-alonso
‘Modern conceptions’
collage on paper
33 × 20 cm
julia mariscal, lorena muñoz-alonso
‘Pass through’
collage and chinese ink on paper
20 x 22 cm


I engage with the themes of nomadism, frontier and mutability through experimentation with these materials based on the superimposition of diverse textures and surfaces, creating a new lexicon of symbolisms. The figure of the fold is applied as much to textile surfaces (Fuga, Oscillations), as to work in paper or glass (Untitled), is used as a device to study the tension between the body and the material and the idea of constant “becoming” of these elements

The collages are used to counterpoise the inorganic matter and the body, adding the one and only colour in the whole series: a light pink, resemblance of the skin. The figure of a human presence is represented by this colour in contrast to the other blown glass pieces, that are volatile and transparent.

franco de toledo art projects, pendulum, collage julia mariscal

franco de toledo art projects, pendulum, salt
collage, glass, rock salt, cooking salt
50 x 39 x 5 cm




glass, linoleum,


linen, paper, paint